Electric Storage Tank

Electric Storage Hot Water Service Information

Please see below the standard servicing requirements for optimal performance

Plumber Required
Sacrificial anode – Replace every 4-5 years
PTR (hot relief) valve — Replace every 5 years
Cold relief valve – Replace every 5 years
Tempering valve – Replace every 5 years

Home Owner / Resident
PTR (hot relief) valve – Manually release every 3-6 months
Cold relief valve – Manually release every 3-6 months
Visually inspect – It is highly recommended that a visual
inspection takes place monthly. This is to inspect for any
potential costly water leaks.
Circuit Breaker – Manually test/insepct the circuit breaker
at the electrical board once every 6-12 months.
*** Please note that in Western Australia it is highly
recommended that a plumber inspect all components
every second year due to extremely poor water quality

Storage Hot Water System Service — $450+

  • Ensure the unit is between 4 and 7 years old
    or due for 5-yearly service
  • Remove burner and pilot assembly and clean
    debris and injectors
  • Supply and install 1 x replacement anode
  • Supply and install 15mm cold relief valve
  • Supply and install 15mm hot relief valve
    NOTE: To only supply and install cold relief = $140+,
    hot relief = $160+, BOTH hot and cold relief valves = $240+

Additional Extras

  • If either valve is 20mm OR a PTR extension,
    then an extra $25+ per valve will be added
  • If a standard tempering valve is present and requires
    changing an extra $100+ will be added
  • If there is no gas valve present an extra $30+ will
    be added to supply and cut in a 15mm Dura Eagle
    gas cock
  • If there are issues with the element or thermostat
    then this price will include a basic inspection and
    remedy up to 10 minutes only

“The average lifespan of a storage tank is 10 years. Performing a service every 4-7 years will ensure your tank can last for 30+ years”


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